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Lewmar H2GD Windlass 12v 8MM (5/16)

Lewmar H2GD Windlass 12v 8MM (5/16)

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The latest generation 'H Series' of horizontal windlasses from Lewmar, the H2 and H3 windlasses are designed for boats from 9m (30ft) to 15m (50ft).

The contactor is integral to the deck unit. This saves valuable installation time as it reduces the number of components in the system. In addition the contactor is protected.

This has now been combined with a stylish, low profile design that takes up the minimum of valuable foredeck area.

The electro-polished stainless steel rode management system will handle both rope and chain. Dual direction operation gives total control when both raising and lowering.

Kits include: Built in dual direction contactor, circuit breaker, rocker switch and gypsy/drum for 5/16" G4 chain and 9/16-5/8" line

  • Quick easy 1 piece installation
  • 1433lb maximum pull
  • Robust horizontal worm motor-gearbox for reliable performance
  • Integral contactor protected by main case while saving installation time
  • Sealed waterproof unit requires the minimum maintenance
  • Aluminum & composite main case for reduced weight.
  • Stainless steel warping drum with unique "Wear & Abrasion Reduction Pattern" finish

What size windlass would best suit your boat?
If you have a 10m (33 ft) boat, typically a 270kg (600 lb) pull windlass would be selected. The rule to crosscheck your windlass selection is to add the total weight of the chain and the weight of the anchor together. Rope is very light and does not affect the actual lifting performance of the windlass, but can be factored in. For safe cruising in all types of conditions and sea areas, Lewmar recommends that you multiply the total weight of your anchor and chain by 4. This number should be less than the maximum pull of the windlass you have selected. Should your findings be at or more than the maximum pull, select the next largest windlass. The windlass does not stow the anchor rode in the locker. Gravity stows the rode in the locker. There must be a free and clear area under the hawse pipe for the incoming rode to lie; if not the rode will jam. Your windlass is a retrieval device; the windlass retrieves the anchor and rode. A windlass is not a high load bearing device. When at anchor your rode should be secured to a cleat or other mooring point on the bow.

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