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Ancor 16-14 Step Down Butt Heat Shrink Connector 25pk

Ancor 16-14 Step Down Butt Heat Shrink Connector 25pk

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Ancor Heat Shrink Butt Connector, Step-Down, 16-14/16-10, 25pc

Model: 320225
  • 4:1 shrink ratio tubing to ensure a watertight seal between wires
  • Flared barrel with uniform copper wall ensures an easy and proper mechanical crimp
  • Crimp indicator on barrel for proper placement of installation tool
  • Clear heat shrink tubing ensures crimp accuracy
  • Colored stripes on the barrel indicate which crimp die to use, regardless of application

Ancor's new assortment of adhesive lined heat shrink butt connectors can be used as a step-down from one gauge size to another or as a multi-wire connector for one gauge size wire. These connectors offer a sealed alternative for products such as a quick-tap or 3-way connector in areas where corrosion is a concern.

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