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Spraungel Performance Marine

Marinco SPL-12C Spotlight 12/24V 100W Halogen Chrome

Marinco SPL-12C Spotlight 12/24V 100W Halogen Chrome

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  • Universal 12/24 volt circuit with bright 100W, H3 halogen bulb
  • UV resistant, IP56 Weatherproof ABS housing and Lexan® lens
  • Double O-ring sealed housing, designed for the harsh marine environment ? moisture, salt, shock and vibration tested
  • Universal snap-in mounting system (can be mounted upside down)
  • Super-quiet, all-weather motor with limit stops provides a full range of coverage
  • 370° sweep and 120° Tilt (75° up and 45° down)
  • One touch auto sweep and S.O.S. function
  • Wireless dash mount remote standard; (hard wired & handheld remotes are optional)
  • 5-Year limited warranty


Bulb: 100 Watt, H3 Halogen
Power (Input voltage): 12V or 24V
Current draw (idle/in use): 0.03 amps / 7.0 amps
Peak Beam Intensity: 210,000 Cp
Peak Beam Distance: 3,000 ft (917 m)
Lux @ 82' (25 m): 226 Lux
Coverage at 82' (25 m): 180 sq ft (15'H x 12'W) (16.7 sq m [4.6 m x 3.6 m])
Rotation: 370° (built in limit stops)
Tilt: 120° Tilt (75° up & 45° down)
Wireless range: 200 ft (65 m)
Dimensions: 7.5"W x 7.5"H x 9.25"D (19cm x19cm x 23.5cm)
Weight: 3.30 lbs (1.5 kg)
Housing material: UV resistant PC/ASA
Lens material: UV resistant Lexan
operating temp range: 5°F?113°F (-15°C?45°C)
IP Rating: IP56

Remote Option SPLR-2 SPRL-1 SPRL-3
  Included Optional Optional
Remote Specification Wireless Bridge Remote Hand Held Bridge Remote Wired Bridge Remote
Power 12/24v CR2540 button cell battery 12/24 hard wired
Current Draw Negligible Negligible Negligible
Wireless Range 200 foot 200 foot N/A
Estimated Battery Life N/A >40 hours (Continous Use) N/A
Dimensions W x H x D 3.5" x 2.25" x .75" 2" x 3.78" x 1" 3.5" x 2.25" x .75"
Weight 2.12 oz 2.82 oz 2.12 oz
Operating Temp

5°F - 113°F

IP Rating


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