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Spraungel Performance Marine

Millennia MIL-LEDPWR Power Module

Millennia MIL-LEDPWR Power Module

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Millennia MIL-LEDPWR Power



LED Power Module Compatible with REFPRV415, KAPPRV515, and KAPMBB500

The MIL-LEDPWR module is used in tandem with either the REFPRV415 or KAPPRV515 marine source units from Infinity marine. Control your speaker lighting through the stereo! Once the stereo and module are connected, insert JBL and Infinity marine speakers (must end in 4 pin amp plug) in the module receptacles. Not to worry, all JBL and Infinity marine retail speakers arrive standard with 4 pin amp plugs.

Note that the control module has 9 inputs thus allowing you to connect up to 9 RGB speakers. For example, 8 RGB coaxial speakers and 1 RGB subwoofer. Want to add another module box? We've got you covered as the MIL-LEDPWR has an output allowing another module to be piggybacked.

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