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Navpod PP5050-33 PowerPod for Garmin GPSMAP 8412/8612

Navpod PP5050-33 PowerPod for Garmin GPSMAP 8412/8612

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NAVPOD PP505033 PowerPod

Model: PP5050-33
  • PowerPod Pre-Cut for Garmin GPSMAP 8412xsv/8612xsv

PowerPods are better than bracket mounting. Sturdy and secure, yet clean and attractive, PowerPods position your fishfinder/chartplotter at a 20-degree viewing angle. PowerPods provide the clean look of flush mounting with the advantages of a swivel base.

PowerPods are now available in two color options. All models are available in high gloss white, and many models (PP4400-C, PP4500-C, PP4600-C, PP4800-C, PP4900-C, PP5050-C, PP5100-C, PP5200-C, PP5920-C Series) are also available in black carbon print. Constructed out of durable ABS like all Gen3 NavPods, these new black carbon models have the same high gloss finish with UV stability.

NavPods are made to protect your marine electronics from the harshest of wet boating conditions. All NavPods are manufactured with a double gasket system that provides an excellent watertight seal. PowerPods keep the spray off the electrical connections on the back of your fishfinder/chartplotter, assuring reliability and longevity of your marine electronics.

Your fishfinder/chartplotter is easily flush mounted into the pre-cut face of the PowerPod. The base has a large opening (1.1" for PP4100, PP4400, PP4500, PP4600 Series; 1.8" for PP4800, PP4900, PP5030, PP5050, PP5060, PP5100, PP5200, PP5920 models) to provide plenty of room for running wires and connectors through the base to conceal them from the elements. This provides protection for wires and connectors from water intrusion, UV exposure or damage from getting snagged and ripped out of their sockets.

All NavPods come with a security wrench and Nickel Chrome-Plated Stainless Steel tamper-resistant screws for a little bling and a lot of security. PowerPod pre-cut models are available for most 7", 9", 12" and 16" displays from all major marine electronic manufacturers. NavPod backs up their commitment to quality by offering a 10-year warranty on all Gen3 NavPods.

PowerPods: Protection, Convenience, Security.

Height 14.25
Width 15.125
Depth 8.5
Usable Face
Height 8.75
Width 12.75
Depth 5
Max Cutout
Height 9
Width 13
Base Footprint
Height 3.25
Width 8.27
Depth round
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