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Spraungel Performance Marine

Newmar WPF-3 1.5"WATERPROOF Fitting

Newmar WPF-3 1.5"WATERPROOF Fitting

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Waterproof Fittings

For complete waterproof assembly (IP68) use these compression fittings. Retaining nut secures fitting to enclosers, compression hub creates waterproof seal around wires. Various sizes are available in a wide range of cable diameters.

Model Cable Diameter
Mounting Hole
EX Enclosure
Knock-Out Size Ref.
WPF-1 .2?-.47? .91" (22.5 mm) PG-16
WPF-2 .35?-.71? 1.14" (29.0 mm) PG-21
WPF-3 .55?-.98? 1.48" (37.5 mm) PG-29
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