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Spraungel Performance Marine

OceanLED Explore E3 XFM Ultra White underwater Light

OceanLED Explore E3 XFM Ultra White underwater Light

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OceanLED Explore E3 XFM

Model: E3009W
  • New generation innovative, efficient reflector optic.
  • 20° side beam produces a blade of light under the water that penetrates further.
  • A true 90° wide-angled, focused top beam lights up a large area of water, flooding it with light.
  • Reduced installation time.
  • Fish strobe mode.
  • Same light output as Sport Series.
  • Up to 5,000 Fixture Lumens*
  • Rectangular Beam
  • Compact design and built in driver.
  • Simple toggle control.
  • Ultra low profile outer bezel.

The Explore E3 has the most advanced optics available on the market.

The mix of optic / electronics / form factor / built in driver / plug and play work together to make the most advanced underwater light series available in the market.

All aspects of the design including the clamping kit make installation quicker and simpler.

The compact size and built in driver mean less space is required inside the vessel, allowing installation in tight areas.

Lumens (Single Colour) 10,000 19,000
Fixture Lumens (Single Colour) 5,000*
Min-Max Operating voltage DC 9-32V DC
Current / Amp draw Single Colour (12V DC / 24V DC) 5.5A / 2.4A
Min-Max Operating voltage AC (Optional) 100V - 240V AC
Current / Amp draw Single Colour (110V AC / 230V AC) 620mA / 290mA
Driver type Internal
Total weight 1.2kg (2.65lbs)
Total Diameter (Including Flange) 105mm (4.13")
Diameter Of Body 80mm (3.15")
Profile Of Fixture 4mm (0.16")
Length 97mm (3..8")
Minimum Space Required Inside The Hull 170mm (6.55")
Hole Cut-Out 83mm (3.25")
Material (Mounting Tube) AB2 Aluminium Bronze
Material (Light Body) Aluminium
Boat size 0-10m
Transom / Hull spacing 0.5-1.2m (2-4’)
Installation depth below waterline 25-30cm (10-12")
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