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Raritan 24v Macerator Pump With Waste Valve

Raritan 24v Macerator Pump With Waste Valve

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Raritan 24v Macerator Pump with Waste Valve

Model: 5310124
UPC: 085462035739
  • All stainless steel bolts to avoid corrosion problems.
  • Spring loaded Viton shaft seal is used to prevent premature leaks
  • Our proprietary rubber impeller compound allows longer dry running time.

Macerator pumps are the key to a number of important chores on a boat! The most important is to work when it is needed. While macerator pumps are generally used to empty holding tanks they can also be used to empty fish boxes. Raritan had two goals in mind when it set out to design a better macerator. The first is the run dry time because as most owners know when you flip the switch to begin emptying the tank you don’t always remember to turn it back off and the number one enemy of any macerator pump is running without liquid going thru it. Nothing destroys a pump faster than running dry.

Raritan developed a plastic housing and impeller combination that resists burnout longer than any macerator on the market today. To try and prevent these things from ruining a trip Raritan also designed the Smart Macerator Control which has several key design features. Probably the most relevant is the ability to shut the pump off as soon as it senses it is running dry. An all to common problem with macerators is the fact they sit for extended periods of time so the macerator control is also designed to "jog" the impeller once a week when power is on. This "jog" prevents the impeller from taking a shape and helps to ensure the pump will empty the tank when requested.

Models 5310112 and 5310124 Only - Another critical design feature was how to work on the pump when the inevitable happens and it requires maintenance or fixing. While a shutoff valve can easily be installed most take up space and that is one thing not always available. To solve that problem Raritan designed a gate valve as part of the intake connection. The gate valve allows the user to close the valve and safely remove the pump without leaving a mess in the work area. Normal connections allow the waste or stuff in the line to drain out where the gate valve keeps it in the line where it belongs.

Models 5310112 and 5310124 Only - Because of the location of the gate valve another key feature is that you do not need to disconnect the hose line that attaches to the pump on the intake side. Those two design features mean less mess and easier maintenance.

Models 5310012 and 5310024 Only - For those not interested in the gate valve there is a typical macerator pump also available and while removing it might mean a bit of spilled stuff it still offers all the other same design features as the pump with the gate valve. Both pumps can be connected to the Smart Macerator Control to prevent running dry and to help prevent the impeller from taking shape and not working when you need it most!

Pump Self priming Flexible rubber impeller with Stainless steel wearplate
Impeller Raritan Proprietary Nitrile compound
Blade Stainless steel double cut
Seal Viton Lip with 316 SS spring and case
Motor Permanent magnet type, fully enclosed, stainless steel shaft, thermal protection for overload, Powder coated housing with sealed ball bearing
Ports Inlet: 1-1/2" hose barb & 1-1/2" NPT Male
Outlet: 3/4" MNPT
Lead wires 14 GA, Red and black
Weight 5lbs
Approvals Ignition protected, ISO 8846
Max Head 30'
Input Voltage 24vDC
Input Draw 6.2 Max at 20' Head
Dimensions 10" L x 3.8" H x 5.8" D
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