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Spraungel Performance Marine

Raymarine Bronze Thru Hull B258 W/Block

Raymarine Bronze Thru Hull B258 W/Block

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Compatible with the following Echo Sounders:

  • DSM250 and DSM300
  • SL Series: SL755RC, SL760RC , SL1250, and SL1250RC
  • hsb2 Plus Series: L755RC, L760, L760RC, L1250,and L1250RC
  • hsb2 HDFI Series: DSM250, L770D, L770DRC, L1260D, and L1260DRC

Compatible hull material: wood and fiberglass

Max Power: 1000 W

Frequency: 200/50 kHz

Beam Angles: 200 kHz 15 °x 21 ° 50 kHz 3° x 5 ° (Elipitical beam measured fore-to-aft and port-to-starboard)

Cable: 30ft (10m) cable with connector

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