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Shadow Caster SCM-AL-NEON-08 8' Accent Lighting

Shadow Caster SCM-AL-NEON-08 8' Accent Lighting

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Shadow Caster SCM-AL-NEON-08

8' Accent Lighting

Model: SCM-AL
  • 10mm (0.39") width - 4.5mm (0.18") height
  • Available in 2.5 meters (8.2") and 5.0 meters (16.4") long.
  • Density: 60 LEDs / meter
  • Current Draw: 1.0 amps / meter at 12v
  • Wattage: 14 watts / meter
  • Inside a fully sealed clear PVC jacket
  • Front facing
  • Can be cut every 30mm (1.2") — 33 segments per meter
  • Comes with 6 meters (20’) of lead wire pre-attached to one end
  • Includes mounting clips
  • Can be mounted with SCM-AL-TRACK-1M

Our Accent Lighting LED Strip is available in 8ft. and 16ft. lengths, and is perfect for lighting the decks and coves of your boat. Our AL strip offers 60 LEDs/meter, and includes a 20' color coded termination cable for plug-and-play connection. Combine the AL strip with our Zone Controller for full RGB capability. This will also allow a user the ability to dim, flash, fade your AL strip and synchronize the strip with music.

Shadow-Caster Accent LED Strip lights are fully waterproof and very durable so they are perfect for your boat or for outdoor use at your house. Easily mount your LED strip with our mounting track (SCM-AL-TRACK-1M)

Our LED strip is full color RGB, meaning it has 3 color channels. Red, Green, and Blue. A lighting controller like our Zone Controller blends these 3 color channels to make the full spectrum of color.

The AL strip is compatible with our Zone Controller, or with any standard RGB+ controller. They have 20 feet of 4-conductor wire already attached with Black, Red, Green, Blue colored wires inside.

Available in 8 ft. lenghts
Can be trimmed to length
Conveniently installs in the gunwale space and coves of your deck
60 LEDs/meter
Rugged, weatherproof jacket
20' color coded termination cable for plug-and-play connection
Changes colors from Red, Green, Blue and White*
Integrated light dimming feature to easily select output intensity*
Integrated fading between Blue and White, or Red, Green, Blue and White*
Compatible with our Zone Controller
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