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Spraungel Performance Marine

Simrad AC70 Autopilot Computer

Simrad AC70 Autopilot Computer

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Simrad AC70 Autopilot Computer

Model: 000-10186-001

AC70 Drive computer for rudder or propeller (i.e. Voith Schneider) for reversible motor or galvanic non-isolated solenoids.

Power 12/24 V in
DRIVE Output for Motor or solenoid command
DRIVE ENGAGE Output for clutch/bypass valve or automode signal for oil flow valve etc
ALARM Output for external alarm buzzer
NMEA 0183 in/out for IEC 61162-1, -2 and NMEA 0183
RUDDER Input for frequency rudder feedback
REMOTE Input for NFU steering lever
MODE Input for external mode selector
SIMNET Connection to CAN network

What's in the Box:
  • AC70 Course Computer
  • N2K Power Cable including 120 ohm Terminator
  • N2K Terminator Male
  • N2K Cable - 0.6m (2ft)
  • N2K T-Joiner
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